Post COVID Home Improvement Projects to Make Staying Home More Enjoyable

Once upon a pre-COVID time, homeowners flocked to open floor plan homes. Now with families bunkering down trying to live out the new normal under one roof, homeowners are re-thinking the layout of their homes. Many parents with young children are discovering that a lack of thoughtful layout and separate spaces isn’t practical when working from home while schoolwork is underway. As social restrictions ease, homeowners are taking on remodeling projects, especially when there are financing and project planning benefits available. Here are some home improvement projects to make staying at home more enjoyable.

Discounted Labor and Materials

Lockdown restrictions put contractors and builders on hold, and now that social restrictions are easing, many trade professionals are willing to reduce prices. Builders are passing on “value pricing” to homeowners by repricing or rebidding projects. Value pricing means guaranteed income for smaller contractors who are willing to offer reductions in fees to keep their crews working.

During the early months of COVID, many homeowners started realizing the need for remodeling projects. The remodeling industry saw a boom in the need to reconfigure indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate the work, school, fitness, and leisure needs of families.

It’s likely that homeowners will continue to do home improvement projects throughout the fall, but by the second quarter of 2021 declines in renovation and repair spending is expected. Record unemployment rates have contributed to declines in home sales and it’s likely that homeowners will re-think or post-pone major renovations for next year.



A roofing project is one renovation that can’t be postponed. Your roof works hard to defend your home against the elements. Routine roof repair and maintenance are essential to prolonging the need for roof replacement. You need a pro roofing contractor with years of experience in the roofing industry to the job for you. Companies like All County Exteriors is known for their quality roofing services, excellent workmanship, and their ability to complete any roofing project in a timely manner.

This roofing contractor uses high-quality materials on all roofing projects, such as durable, single ply shingles, and metal roofing. The roofing company can also install gutters and handle your siding needs. You can expect the best experience from the roofer starting with a free estimate and inspection until the entire process is completed.


Working Outdoor Spaces

Stay at home orders are keeping many a homeowner away from their usual active habits and favorite places. The home has gone from the place you spend half of your time to a 24/7 hub of daily activities. Homeowners have recognized the need to turn the home into an enjoyable space that accommodates bunker-style living while allowing occupants to be active and comfortable. This is especially true for homeowners with children who need space to work inside and a place to cool off when warm weather arrives.

Outdoor spaces are receiving plenty of remodeling love, with pool and spa contractors, landscape contractors, and deck and patio pros seeing an increase in demand. The backyard is the perfect place to remodel and turn into an outdoor oasis away from your usual indoor surroundings.

Marygrove Awnings, for example, is one of the best awning companies in Illinois serving residential customers in the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana. The awning company is known for award-winning customer service, and high-quality awnings and canopies made with the highest quality material. The Central Illinois awning pros have extensive knowledge in all things retractable awnings and know how to deliver the best results in a timely manner according to your budget.

Taking on a home remodel project during the pandemic could be a gamble depending on the scope of the project. With so much uncertainty about the future of the economy and the construction industry’s ability to stay afloat, it’s difficult to know how long a project will take. Social distancing measures imposed on contractors and installers don’t contribute to projects being completed in a timely manner. The availability of materials and where they come from is also a factor that homeowners are considering before committing to any remodeling projects.



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