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How to Prepare for the Ultimate Road Trip

Ultimate Road Trip

At one point in history, the prospect of taking an RV road trip was something equated to torture. It was seen as the comedic way that families traveled in large groups. As of late, however, an RV boom has taken place in America and recreational vehicles have hit records sales. Suddenly, taking a road trip in an RV is the cool thing to do. Millennials are particularly eager to embrace this method of traversing the United States. RVs provide for a free-spirited vacation with the flexibility of the open road. As exciting as that sounds, there are some things you should consider when planning the ultimate road trip. Let’s take a look at some tips for preparing for your route 66 adventure.

Expect the unexpected.


The less exciting part of road tripping is planning for some not so fun situations. Although it isn’t the fun part and you might not want to think about emergency procedures or getting items you likely won’t use, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst while expecting the best. You should be sure to pack first-aid kits, flashlights, extra medications, and other essential items that you might need in an emergency or if you are stranded somewhere for an extended period. Besides these preparations, you should also plan for mechanical problems as part of being at the mercy of your RV out on the open road. No doubt you will have your recreational vehicle serviced and inspected before your trip. But should something unexpected happen, you’ll want to be covered. Consider purchasing an RV extended warranty to have peace of mind as you cruise the open road. An RV warranty will help protect you from unexpected repair costs to your RV during your travels, as well as providing you with roadside assistance in the case of a mechanical failure or consequential damage to your RV. Working with a trustworthy warranty company that gives you a good service contract is the first step to being prepared as you head out on an RV adventure in your camper.

Plan your campground stays in advance.


Traveling by RV doesn’t mean you can park your recreational vehicle just anywhere. You will have to have a plan. If you expect running water, electricity, and safety, you’ll likely need to book a campground stay at an RV lot. Reservations at RV parks often fill up well in advance, so start looking early. You’ll want to do your research to look for the amenities and activities that you want. All campgrounds are different and offer a wide range of things to expect. A site for shore eyes in Oregon, for instance, offers a wide range of things such as a pool, spa, casino, and top-notch utilities, while other campgrounds might offer only basic amenities. Doing your research and booking early will ensure that you have an enjoyable stay where ever the road takes you.

Get off the beaten path.


In order to see the sites that you have always wanted or have read about, you might have to take a detour. You could have to get off of the beaten path and take that road to nowhere to see that biggest ball of yarn that you have always wanted to. Everyone else might be staying inside the national parks but that doesn’t mean that you have to. If you’re planning on hiking the Grand Canyon, you should also make the small trek over to explore the town of Sedona. While tourist destinations are popular for a reason, there are all kinds of hidden gems waiting to be explored. The best adventures can be had when visiting the unusual roadside attractions across America.

Pursue what interests you.


There’s no set checklist for the ultimate road trip across America. You’re not required to stop at certain places or follow a specific itinerary. Instead, focus on things that interest you and your family and go do those things. If you’d like, you can visit historical sites instead of natural wonders or state parks. There are no rules! Some travelers go on road trips to spend more time outdoors and others do it just to get away from it all. The best road trips don’t always follow a guidebook. Consider your family’s hobbies and passions and then structure your ultimate road trip vacation around those.

Planning the ultimate road trip doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Consider all of your options and the things that you want to do and then let the road be your guide. Have fun and enjoy your RV adventure!


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