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Maintenance Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do on Your Own

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For many people, the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend has become so much more than a hobby: it’s a lifestyle. Many people take a special kind of pride in their principles of hard work. And, besides, why would they take their Honda lawn mower to the service center when they could save money by going to the parts department at a store and buying tools to fix it themselves? But there are many dangerous aspects to power tools, automotive repair, and construction that the average handyperson just isn’t qualified to do safely. The ACCC warns that hundreds of people have died from auto-related DIY repairs, and hundreds more have been hospitalized since 2000. According to the National Safety Council, accidental injury has become the third largest cause of death in the nation today. So, while the thrill of completing a project all on your own is truly exhilarating, you might want to take a second to assess whether the job is safe before you begin. Here are some examples of things you should probably leave to a professional.

Heavy-Duty Engine Repair

If you’ve grown up with a screwdriver in your hand and flashlight in your mouth, then you might relish the opportunity to repair a diesel engine. However, diesel technology requires close attention from a knowledgeable staff of technicians who have earned certificates to work on complex electronic systems. No matter how much of a focused attitude you have, it would be terrible if an avoidable accident occurred due to a lack of proper training.

If you have a passion for diesel repair and love working on commercial engines, then there are some amazing automotive and diesel certifications that you can begin online from the comfort of your home. A diesel technology program will certify you with the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation and prepare you to make good money using your natural skills in the automotive industry.

Power Tools

If you are debating between bringing your lawn mower to a repairman or fixing it yourself, then you might want to weigh your priorities. Most outdoor power products involve quick-moving blades and gears, which are nothing to mess around with. It is not advisable to do your own repairs unless you are one hundred percent sure you know what you are doing. In the long run, what is more valuable, the few hundred dollars spent on repair or the finger you could lose while repairing a broken lawnmower blade?

Of course, another option is to invest in new commercial lawn equipment, rather than getting a repair. Outdoor power equipment and outdoor living tools can be susceptible to wear and tear. If you are having constant issues with your tools, then it might be cheaper, in the long run, to look at the new power equipment for sale in Gresham, OR from Moen Machinery company. There, you will find the only stop you need to hit in order to fill all of your outdoor power needs with a wide array of selections of perfect outdoor power equipment. If you do have issues with your tools, Moen offers excellent customer service to help you with any problems you might have.

Appliance Repair

Since we regularly use in-home appliances like air conditioners and washing machines—sometimes on a daily basis—we may assume we have a better handle on fixing them ourselves when tuneups are needed. But these massive, heavy machines feature complex mechanics, and one mistake or delay could result in larger problems—including leaks that could damage your property and escalate into flooding.

Thankfully, no matter where you live, you can access fast, affordable, and local appliance repair. Whether your AC won’t turn on or you suspect that it’s leaking, with AirProsUSA, you can find a Colorado Springs AC repair service or AC repair in Dallas to keep your air conditioning unit in great shape all year. An experienced appliance repair technician from AirProsUSA will provide quality work at the best price—even beating any advertised AC repair price you can show them. One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner functioning is by immediately investigating any problem that arises. Rather than waste precious time attempting to repair machinery on your own, you can promptly receive expert service in your surrounding area to fix any issue before it gets worse.

AC units, however, are not the only complicated appliances that need prompt maintenance when something breaks. From refrigerators to washers and dryers and more, you can turn to local business like Oregon Appliance Repair when you need a repair person to quickly prevent a week’s supply of groceries from spoiling in a broken fridge. In addition to their employees’ years of experience, Oregon Appliance Repair gives customers a free service call with repair and a free estimate, as well as offering a warranty on parts and labor. Why worry about mistakes when you can leave maintenance service to the professionals?


Construction is one of the most common causes of household accidents because it is so wide-ranging. But there is a big difference between building a deck and building a company. If you are questioning whether or not you are qualified to handle a certain DIY construction project, then that is probably a sign to go find a contractor and start haggling. A good rule of thumb for gauging whether a product is dangerous: Ask yourself, how many different tools will I need? Staple guns, saws, and grinders are all culprits of DIY accidents with a long list of victims. If you do decide to embark on a construction project, just make sure you do all the proper prep work required. There’s no point in building a deck for yourself if an accident keeps you from enjoying it, so stay safe!


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