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Celebrating your First Anniversary: Tips for an Unforgettable One-Year

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Your first anniversary is a very special occasion that sets the stage for all of your anniversaries to come! You want to make sure that you have something planned that’s memorable, heartwarming, and shows your partner just how much you care.

Every wedding anniversary is a “big deal,” because it means you’ve successfully upheld your vows. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate in a big way or if you find a more subtle and intimate way to say, “I love you.” Plan a day that speaks to you and your partner. Here are a few tips to help you plan an unforgettable one-year anniversary.

Create a tradition

If you’re celebrating where you live, make sure you still pull out all of the stops for your special day. Take your spouse out to a fancy restaurant. Maybe do a “tour of your love” by going to visit where you proposed or stand outside the venue you got married in.

Try to establish and create a fun yearly tradition, like recreating one of your wedding photos each anniversary or rereading your wedding vows. Before the day, swing by the liquor store and grab your spouse’s favorite wine, beer, or champagne. It’ll be a great way to unwind and toast to your future at the end of the day.

Rekindle your spark

Was your wedding night everything you’d hoped for and more? Even though that special evening was a year ago, you can still recapture the fire and passion of that moment this anniversary. If the two of you fell asleep before any fun could begin—which is actually quite common on wedding nights—now is the time to redeem yourselves. Set the scene by cleaning up your home and setting candles in the bathroom and bedroom, making sure that your candles are out of your pet’s reach.

If the fire seems like a bit of hazard, because you have a puppy tornado living with you, consider getting an essential oil diffuser and some fairy lights to string around. Do anything you can think of to set the mood. Surprise your partner by wearing something sexy under your clothes. Spicy Lingerie will have exactly what you’re looking for from robes and nightgowns to plus size lingerie. Pick something that makes you feel like a goddess that will make your partner’s head spin.

Say “goodbye” to compromise

You should always be able to compromise in your relationship because finding a middle ground helps to maintain healthy communication. However, you shouldn’t always have to compromise on the finer things in life. If you didn’t get to take the honeymoon you’d always dreamed of, because wedding expenses were too high, what better time than for your one-year? Your life could change dramatically before your ten-year or twenty-fifth anniversary.

You could have kids and be dealing with other financial responsibilities, like a bigger house payment. Seize the moment while you still have the ability to go on a grand adventure with your spouse. Whether that’s country hopping in Europe or soaking up the sun on a Costa Rican beach, save up and take the journey of a lifetime. Being away from home for your first anniversary gives you the opportunity to actually focus on your spouse without the distraction of work. You’ll be able to make memories that will last your whole lifetime.

What to do about the cake?

For many, it’s a tradition to keep a slice of your wedding cake in the freezer and eat it together on your first anniversary. If the year-old cake doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, you can still partake in eating old food. Contact the person who made your wedding cake, and see if they would remake your top tier for the two of you to share. Some wedding cake vendors actually provide this service for free. You don’t have to eat old leftovers to recapture the magic of your wedding food.


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