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Tips for Maintaining Intimacy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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There are literally hundreds of challenges you might be facing thanks to stay-at-home orders and coronavirus pandemic concerns. Whether you’re stuck caring for family members, quarantining by yourself, or hunkering down for the foreseeable future with a roommate, everyone can feel different stressors from minute to minute because of this health crisis. All that being said, some of the biggest hardships anyone will face come from the challenges of staying apart from their partner or being unable to date. If you’re missing the emotional or physical intimacy that comes from having a partner, here are a few tips to try during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep a gratitude journal

While it may seem strange to do something so focused on your own feelings, having a gratitude journal is actually quite useful when it comes to maintaining intimacy with others, too. This is because you need to know yourself and be in tune with your own emotions in order to connect with others. By keeping a gratitude journal, you won’t just be focusing on yourself and your feelings; you’ll also be practicing a form of mindfulness that can make you a happier person. Being happier will help you remain open and allow you to connect with others in meaningful ways, no matter what the extenuating circumstances may be.

Use video chat to your advantage

By now, you’ve probably been reading about how apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime can be used to talk with others. While it’s true that these sorts of apps are only an approximation of real human-to-human interaction, if you’re isolated during the pandemic, then video can be a valuable lifeline. It’s important to avoid Zoom fatigue by taking breaks and doing other things as well to break up your video calls, but video can still be a powerful tool for connecting with others.

If you’re currently single and missing the opportunity to date around, you may be missing physical intimacy more than anything else. After all, if you still have a job during the pandemic, you likely get enough screentime with others—but you probably aren’t very sexually fulfilled after an all-staff meeting. This is where videochat sex can come in. You can gain access to premium videos and webcam chats via Skype with other women. Video chat sex may not be as exciting as the real thing, but it’s much better than dealing with the anxiety that comes from venturing out to interact with a stranger during a global pandemic.

Don’t forget about phone calls

If you’re feeling the effects of Zoom fatigue, don’t forget about the phone in your pocket! Making a phone call can be just as effortless as video conference calls and are almost assuredly less tiring than being on video chat after video chat. If you plan on using video chat to connect with women online, then it’s an especially good idea to save your energy for these sorts of rendezvous. Hearing another person’s voice can be just as helpful for feeling connected without requiring as much mental energy.

Connect with others online

If you’re usually an extrovert, you might really be feeling the negative social effects of living in isolation for weeks on end. In these kinds of situations, it may be helpful to connect with larger communities online in different virtual spaces. Theaters and museums are doing incredible work making their cultural organizations accessible in a digital medium, and many of these events even include the opportunity to socialize with others in talkbacks and other online forums. Even playing some online games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or using platforms like Jacbox.tv can be a great way to get social.


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