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Dating Amid COVID-19: Sexting, Facetime, and Online Rendezvous

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Isolation and social distancing—the mechanisms of containing COVID-19—are not accommodating for emotional connections and dating. According to official reports from PornHub, a pornographic site, people are finding different ways to deal with sexual urges amid COVID-19’s quarantining and travel restrictions, including porn and masturbation. There was an 11.6% increase in the daily use of the site from February 24 to March 17.

If you’re craving human connection and sexual satisfaction while fighting loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, keep reading.


To people in long-distance relationships, sexting seems to be the best thing smartphones have given to us. Think about it: In what other era could you be doing your laundry, cooking, or watching TV while simultaneously communicating to someone the unspeakable things you wish to do to their genitalia?

Sexting is a pleasurable way to add some delight into your currently secluded life and get some much needed intimate human interaction. Try sexting people with whom you were already in a physically close relationship before social distancing and quarantining rules became the norm.

You should sext someone you felt comfortable with and that you can continue to trust. Although there are no risks of unintended pregnancies and STIs while sexting, there is a potential risk of your intimate videos, photos, and texts being shared without your consent depending on who receives them. Choose your prospective sext partner wisely.



With social distancing, we are missing human connection—including erotic connection. Even hitting play on a porn video and getting down with yourself isn’t always as satisfying as interacting with another nude person. However, you can’t get up close and personal with your partner if you are isolated, because you risk transmitting COVID-19 to your partner.

If you are horny and isolated or in a long-distance relationship, sex via FaceTime and video chats might fill the gap that would otherwise leave your desires unsatisfied. It is mutual masturbation.

This doesn’t imply that you watch your partner masturbate in silence. You need to talk dirty to your virtual sex partner, and make them change positions or switch sex toys. Communicate to your partner what you wish them to do and ensure you both reach orgasm simultaneously.

Online Rendezvous


According to research from Stanford University, couples nowadays are likely to bond over the internet more than any other way of meeting. If you are still single and believe COVID-19 has put a gigantic padlock on dating, data indicates that many people are still courting romantic interests.

The number of users and activities on dating platforms like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and Grindr has been rising recently. On March 29, CBC News reported that Bumble’s dating app had seen a 42% increase in its users aged 18 to 22 over the previous week. The use of its video call feature soared by 21% over the same period.

Are you ready for a video date, or are you a massaging type? Although messaging is excellent, it factors out the romance equation, which is the sound of your date’s voice and body language. So if you are planning a special something with a virtual partner, a video date is better. Set up a video chatting time that is convenient for both of you.

Now you see that there are plenty of ways of having an emotionally healthy sex life in these uncomfortable pandemic times—without worrying about date bills or breaking the guidelines of social distancing. When you’re feeling horny and no longer have to quarantine yourself, apps like Local sex app can connect you to Local Sex Meets, where you can meet a fuck buddy in your area for casual sex.


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