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5 Home Essentials for a Family of Five

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When it comes to large families, it’s important to optimize your living situation to take advantage of the resources available. It’s also critical to as much of your family’s input as possible so that it feels like a family project as you go on this journey.

Whether that’s preparing for and cooking tomorrow’s breakfast, or rearranging the cupboard to make more space, there’s always something you can do to make everyone’s lives smoother. You can also start to think about optimizing each area of the home, as you start to refine each space within it.

Storage Units 

Homeowners can design storage spaces within the home furniture to maximize empty space that may otherwise go to waste. From the cupboards in the bathroom to the empty spaces under the bed, you can allow for greater storage spaces in these key spots.

You can also design dedicated storage areas within key sections of the home, such as the office or the outdoor lawn, to add more cupboards, shelves and storage spaces. When it comes to a family of five, the garage quickly runs out of space. That’s why having dedicated storage spaces is exceptionally helpful long-term.

A Larger Kitchen 

One of the most important home essentials to have is a larger kitchen. Larger kitchen spaces allow you to cook comfortably for a family of five while giving enough attention and care to each meal. A dedicated family dining area is also important, as it unites everyone living there at a single point.

Larger kitchen spaces also give family members a sense of comfort and bonding, as they’re able to enjoy their favorite meals without having to worry about leg space or table clutter. Larger kitchen spaces also give you flexibility in designing the area as you prefer it to be.

Shower Screens for the Bathroom

Shower-screens are the perfect installation to go for when you have a larger family. This is because a quality shower screen doesn’t take up a lot of space and prevents the water from dripping outside the shower area. It also creates a unique shower space within the bathroom area, without blocking any sunshine from the outside.

Shower-screens also allow homeowners to experiment within their bathroom space. With the added space available in the bathroom area, homeowners can hang artistic paintings, pictures or any pieces they pick up from their travels.

A Dedicated Photo Manager 

This might come as no surprise to smartphone owners across the country, but digital memory always runs out when you need it the most. Then comes the difficult task of deleting older photos and eliminating memories from your camera’s storage. The become becomes even more challenging when you have documents, videos, and movies that may run into dozens of Gigabytes.  

That’s where cloud-based localized photo manager devices come in and offer secure storage of your prized assets. You can take pictures of the whole family, with their weekly adventures, and store them locally on a multi-terabyte storage unit.

A Handy Organizer or Scheduler 

When it comes to a larger family, it helps to have a sense of organization and scheduling. This is even more so important when you have kids with different activities, cycles, and classes. It always helps to have the scheduler handy with you, which is why it’s good to have them hanging where everyone can see it.

Families with pets may also have a harder time when it comes to making sure that everything is on schedule. Vet appointments, doggy day-care visits, and grooming sessions can take a lot of dedicated time. Organizers can also store key contact information, if you may need to reach out to someone at that moment. 

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