5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Homeownership is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated one. Making smart choices that prevent costly mistakes is the best way to protect a large investment. There are 5 things every homeowner should know to save money, fix issues, and keep the house in top condition. 

Know Where the Circuit Breaker Is

Every homeowner needs to know where the house’s circuit breaker is and what each switch does. Most breaker boxes come with labels that indicate which breaker controls which circuit. These labels are useful, but not always accurate, especially if living in a remodeled or older home. Use a voltage detector to ensure the power is off prior to doing any electrical work. If a light or the power goes out, check the electrical box for a tripped breaker and flip it back on. 

Know Where the Main Water Valve Is 

Broken plumbing and burst pipes are notorious for unleashing gallons of water within minutes. A quick reaction can prevent major water damage, which means knowing where to find the main water valve and being able to shut it off. Always shut off the water supply before going out of town. 

Locate Property Lines 

Most properties have iron stakes marking property lines at the corners and points where they meet. The stakes are usually a few inches below the ground and can be found with a metal detector. Or pop over to city hall and request a plot plan. 

Before doing any digging locate property lines. While neighbors may appreciate any value-added touches to the home next door, they will be even more grateful if these upgrades don’t accidentally happen on their property. Always dig with caution and call the national dig-safely hotline first. The hotline will send out local utility workers to mark out any underground pipes, cables, and wires. 

At some point, homeowners will want to know what is the process for refinancing a home. Loans will guide homeowners through a step-by-step process to refinancing home loans, from identifying the reason to refinance and choosing the best loan, to having the property valued and reaching a settlement. A loan is an award-winning lender with low rates and flexible options ready to provide expert help for any homeowner. 


Knowing how to keep the house properly sealed saves money on electricity and long-term damage. Sealing drafts against breezes and daylight keeps the electricity bill in check. Most thresholds can be adjusted easily with a screwdriver until the door opens and closes without any drag. Sealing floors is essential to keep wooden floors protected from spills and water damage. 

Keeping Up the Exterior 

Lawn care means knowing when to water the lawn and how much to water. Keep an eye out for any infestations and plant diseases that can ruin the lawn. Never underestimate the importance of cleaning the gutters. They will stop functioning over time when left full of debris which can cause roof and foundation damage. 

Pests see clogged gutters as an appealing nesting site. Critters are crafty and can find their way into a home no matter how clean and sealed it is. Getting rid of them is just as challenging as understanding how they got in. All-City Animal Trapping is an animal removal service specializing in wildlife animal removal in Southern California.

 Their humane, licensed professionals have over 20 years’ experience trapping nuisance animals. All-City Animal Trapping not only removes animals, but they also repair any property damage caused by its intrusion and seal off all entry points to ensure no repeat intrusions. With competitive prices, All-City Animal Trapping specializes in the removal of birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles. 

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