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What Services Should a ‘Full Service Salon’ Offer?

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You’ve taken the leap of faith into your business, and now you’re looking to offer your customers the best experience possible. There are many full-service salons in the country, but what exactly does that mean? What does running this kind of business entail? If you’re not sure where to start, here is how to ensure that your venture is, in fact, full service. By following these guidelines and finding a way to put a unique spin on things, you’re sure to stand out from your competitors.

Trim it, cut it, color it

All full-service salons offer hair services. Whether it’s trimming, cutting, or coloring, the general consensus is that people should not do their own hair, unless they’re a trained professional. As you’ve probably seen on hair fail Youtube videos, the results can be terrible. Thankfully, you’ll be there to save the day.

To make sure that you’re caught up with the latest hair trends, consider hiring someone from a local or online beauty school. With their very recent education, they’ll be able to keep you up to date. If you graduated from one of these programs, consider bringing on your favorite classmates for the best results.

Massage it out

A newer trend in beauty salons is offering massage services to your customers. Your clients will feel fully pampered because they’ll look great and feel great. If you’re worried about finding the correct tools or any other beauty salon equipment, look no further than Keller International. This company can equip you with all of your salon chairs, furniture, and other tools to make your business a success.

Need a Massage Hot Stone Set? Keller International has you covered! Their hot stone set contains an assortment of beautiful, flat oval-shaped basalt stones. The addition of these stones will offer your business a further touch of elegance and earthiness.

Offer makeup for all occasions

Whether your client is just looking to feel like their best selves, or they have a special event like a wedding or awards ceremony, as a full-service salon, you’ll be expected to help them look fully glamorous. If you’re interested in embracing a newer trend that will cut back on your application time and give your clients something they can use time and time again, supply your customers with magnetic mink lashes. All of Glamnetic’s lashes are trimmable and can last over forty uses with the proper care. There’s no clumpy glue involved, so they’re easy to maintain and put on, even after your customers leave your business.

Provide waxing services

Waxing has become quite popular in full-service salons. If you’re interested in offering waxing services, make sure that your business is informed about the hygiene standards required to offer this service. Your equipment will need to be in good working order and cleaned after every use. Your towels will need to be washed in detergent and hot water once they have been used on a client. Most importantly, in order to prevent cross-contamination, all liquids and creams must be put into single-use applicators. Remember, as always, wash your hands.

Pretty in pink, purple, or fire engine red

Manicures and pedicures are a must for your full-service business. If you want to add a creative, self-care spin, one inspiring salon has started to play guided meditations for their clients while they work on making their hands and feet beautiful. Cut out awkward conversation and give your clients a little peace of mind. Although this isn’t common practice yet among salons, you’ll certainly stand out from your competitors, and continue the new trend.

Other services to keep in mind are facials, lash extensions and spray tan services. Anything that would make you feel incredible is a great thing to incorporate for your clients.


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