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Luxe Items You Should Def Splurge On at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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If recent events have taught us anything, it’s safe to say that life is short. While playing it safe and saving up is always wise, there’s something to be said about splurging every now and then. The occasional luxury purchase can be good for your health.

In fact, in times of stress treating yourself to something special can actually relieve tension and anxiety. So, while you shouldn’t break the bank, it’s not a bad idea to let loose and give yourself a little gift. Think of it as investing in your mental health! To that end, here are just a few luxury items you should consider splurging on.



Artwork not only brightens our surroundings and lifts our mood, but it’s a great investment. If you’ve been thinking about diversifying your portfolio lately, consider purchasing some art. Begin by finding what you like. Are you a fan of the Impressionists? Or maybe Baroque art is more your style.

Whatever your preference, make sure you buy something you like. Then, work with an art dealer to find works that are within your price range. Consult with your art dealer and ask them to find pieces they think will not only hold their value but grow as an investment. Splurging on art is an easy way to invest in your future.


Custom Upholstered Furniture

Your home’s design speaks volumes about your taste, your vision of yourself, and the way you want the world to see you. When it comes time to purchasing a new chair or couch, you should consider buying a custom upholstered piece. Custom upholstered furniture is better constructed, more comfortable, and higher quality overall. Not to mention, when you have a piece of furniture upholstered, you can select the fabric yourself, which means your furniture will, to some degree, be your creation.

Invest in Jewelry

Though this may seem like an obvious splurge item, most people don’t think of gifting themselves with diamonds, but they should! Diamonds, much like artwork, hold their value. They make excellent heirlooms and they’re flattering on everyone. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is whether or not you want a natural diamond or a lab-created diamond. Natural diamonds are, as they sound, found naturally. The problem with this is that, despite its best efforts, the jewelry industry can’t always guarantee the source of natural diamonds. This can mean that your natural diamond was mined by children or in high conflict areas. This hardly seems worth it.

Instead, consider lab-created diamonds such as those by Agape Diamonds. Unlike cubic zirconia or moissanite, lab diamonds don’t lose their brilliance or shine. Agape Diamonds can hardly be distinguished from natural diamonds. Just take a look at an Agape Diamonds review and it will be clear why lab diamonds are the way to go.


Give Your Pup the Best of Life

While you’re out there splurging on jewelry and the like, don’t forget to think of your best friend at home. Your dog deserves some luxury-loving, too! Especially if you have a senior dog at home, consider some organic CBD oil for dogs. More and more holistic vets are recommending CBD for dogs. CBD is full of nutrients and fatty acids that can help reduce chronic pain and may boost your dog’s immune system. Consult with your veterinarian before purchasing CBD oil, of course.


High Thread Count Sheets

Is there anything better than a good night’s sleep? Yes. A good night’s sleep on high thread count sheets! Of course, just because a sheet set has a high thread count, it doesn’t mean it’s superior. Make sure you look for high thread count sheets that also have a percale weave, low wrinkle design, and have not been chemically treated. Also, look for all-natural or organic cotton sheets. These will be the softest, longest-lasting bedding you’ve ever had!

Money certainly can’t buy happiness. However, it can help you invest in high-quality, luxury items that will improve your overall quality of life. You work hard. You deserve to splurge on yourself.


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