Signs You Can’t Put Off Home Repairs Any Longer

Everyone’s guilty of a bit of procrastination every now and then. Of course, some are much more guilty than others. There aren’t a great many people who want to break out a home DIY project to relax or call a technician to their home simply because they’re fun to hang out with. Having to vacate your home or put up with the noise of contractors going to work is no one’s idea of a good weekend, but it’s usually better to just get it over with than to let problems sit and become worse.

Of course, with so many people working from home now due to COVID-19, it’s even harder for homeowners to find the time for repairs when their home is also their office. You may not feel like keeping up with regular maintenance on top of all your other home responsibilities right now, but it’s still crucial that you do. Here are some of the biggest signs that you need repairs right now.

Your roof is leaking.

When your roof springs a leak, your procrastinating days are over. You’re about to have a whole host of problems if they haven’t started already unless you get that roof fixed as soon as possible. A leaking roof can cause water damage to your attic and ceiling and even compromise your structural integrity by damaging walls, rafters, ceiling joists, and more. If water damages your insulation, you could face higher utility costs, not to mention the slipping hazard any puddle of water causes. If the water gets near any electrical wiring, be sure to have an electrician examine it, so it doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Of course, there’s the health concern of mold as well. Mold and mildew can quickly spread throughout your home and even into the HVAC system, where it will travel through the vents and can cause several health issues.

You have weak airflow.

Speaking of your HVAC system, having this breakdown can be catastrophic in any season. Naturally, your thermostat will begin to change noticeably if the system isn’t working at all, but a lack of airflow in your home is one of the early signs your HVAC equipment isn’t doing well.

It’s impossible to ignore an air conditioning breakdown during the summer or a heating system breakdown during the winter. Before it gets to this point, keep an eye on your HVAC system by examining the air conditioner for any leaks, testing your heat pump, and keeping an ear open for any strange sounds coming from your HVAC unit. Foul odors or poor indoor air quality can also be signs that something is going wrong, and you’ll need to call an HVAC contractor.

Your electrical systems are behaving strangely.

You can never afford to take risks with electrical units because of the high risk of fires. Flickering lights are one of the telltale signs of either an overtaxed electrical system or faulty wiring. On a good day, these issues can cause shorts or make circuit breakers flip, or they can cause serious fire damage on a bad day.

Speaking of your circuit breakers, if you find they’re blowing unexpectedly for no apparent reason, you’ll need to call a professional technician immediately. Your wall outlets being warm to the touch are another sign that something is seriously wrong.

After Calling the Pros

No one wants to waste a day, or longer, either out of the home or dealing with serious interruptions waiting for repairs to be done. There are some ways you can make the most of the time, though. It’s a perfect opportunity to check out hobbies that boost your intelligence. You can try things like crossword puzzles or Sudoku, expand your vocabulary with new words, look into a new musical instrument, or play video games that challenge you.

Finding any of these signs can be scary, but the experience might help lead you to something you can enjoy long term.


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