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Locksmith Essentials: How To Get Started

Locksmiths are highly sought-after professionals in the security industry. Becoming a locksmith is an excellent career choice for those who have a passion for security and enjoy helping people. It is an occupation that requires knowledge of locks, keys, and security systems and the ability to use a variety of tools. But before you get started, you’ll need the essentials. This article will walk you through the locksmith essentials for getting started. Keep reading!

A Key-Cutting Machine

A key cutting machine is one of the essential tools for a locksmith. This device allows for duplicating keys quickly and accurately, saving time and money for both the locksmith business as well as their customers. The key cutter consists of several parts including a vice to secure the original key, a grinding wheel to cut away metal from the blank key in order to match the grooves of its counterpart, an adjustable depth gauge that ensures precision when creating copies, and finally a spindle which turns at high speed allowing the grinding wheel to properly shape each blank. When using a key-cutting machine it’s important to understand how different types of keys such as flat steel or tubular require different techniques in order to create accurate copies. With this knowledge, you can ensure your customer’s satisfaction by providing them with perfectly matched duplicate keys every time!

Lock Picks


Lock picks are an essential tool for any locksmith professional in the field, whether they are a professional or a hobbyist. The ability to open locks without the use of the key is a valuable skill that is useful in a variety of situations. From gaining access to a locked door or safe to opening a car door, picking can be an invaluable asset for a locksmith. Lock-picking is a skill that requires practice, patience, and precision. The most common types of picks are tension wrenches, rake picks, and single-pin picks. A tension wrench is used to apply torque to the lock while a rake pick is used to manually lift the pins. Single-pin picking uses the pick to gently lift the pins one at a time until it is opened.

Key Extractors

Key extractors are one of the most essential tools in a locksmith’s toolkit. Key extractors are used to extract broken keys from locks, allowing the locksmith to replace the lock without damaging the lock itself. Without this important tool, a locksmith would have to disassemble the lock to remove the broken key, which could cause damage to the lock and cause further complications. Key extractors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of lock they are intended to be used on. Some of the most common types of key extractors include hook extractors, which are used to remove broken keys from pin tumbler locks; half moon extractors, which are used to remove broken keys from wafer locks; and flat extractors, which are used to remove broken keys from mortise locks.

Lock Wrenches


Lock wrenches are an essential tool for any professional locksmith. They are used to open locks, remove pins from locks, and manipulate other components of the locking system. The most common types of lock wrenches are flat wrenches and tubular wrenches. Flat wrenches are used for flat-style locks, such as deadbolts, and tubular wrenches are used for tubular locks, such as padlocks.

Altogether, becoming a locksmith requires an understanding of a variety of essential skills, tools, and techniques. Additionally, it is important to stay up to date on the latest industry technology, regulations, and trends. With the essentials, locksmiths can provide a valuable service to their community and protect the safety of their clients.


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