Finding the Motivation to Go to Rehab: Steps to Bettering Yourself

No one can force someone to become clean from drugs and alcohol. The only person who truly can is the person suffering from addiction. That’s why finding the motivation to get sober is such a critical first step in the road to recovery. Having a strong sense of motivation to abstain makes it much more likely that the individual will maintain sobriety and not relapse.

Seeking treatment can certainly be scary and overwhelming. Approximately 90 percent of individuals with an addiction problem do not get treatment for it. So while you might want to better yourself and go to drug rehab in Toronto, actually making that commitment can be tough. Below we outline the steps you can take to keep yourself motivated as you rid yourself of addiction and destructive behaviors.

Read Inspirational Quotes

Find inspirational or motivational quotes, print them out, and hang them up where you can see them every day. These phrases can encourage you to stay on track and achieve your sobriety goals.

Consider the Cost of Drug Use

Drug and alcohol abuse can be incredibly expensive. The average annual cost of alcohol addiction is $5,000, and the average annual cost of prescription drug addiction is $32,850. Rehab clinics can certainly cost you a good deal of money—from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. But becoming sober can save you money in the long-term. Additionally, rehab centers typically work with insurance providers and some clinics work with you to develop payment plans to help with costs. You can also go to a public-funded center, which is significantly less than a private clinic. And in terms of financial stability and drug use, it is also important to remember that addiction often negatively affects your employment.

Understand the Health Risks of Drug Use

Sobriety can save your life, as alcohol poisoning and drug overdose can lead to death. Abusing drugs and alcohol over a long period can severely impact your health and cause cardiovascular, respiratory, and psychological problems. Drug and alcohol use can also lead to injury, violence, and diseases like HIV.

Think About Your Relationships

Addiction can hurt your relationships and affect your loved ones deeply. A person struggling with addiction may engage in bad behaviors like lying or cheating. Going to rehab can help repair and improve your relationships through counseling sessions offered at the clinic. It can also show your loved ones that you are serious about becoming and staying clean.

Find a Support Group

Having a supportive network of peers and family members around you while undergoing treatment can help you stay strong and motivated. Join a program like Alcoholics Anonymous so you can surround yourself with success stories and people who can relate to your struggle. Being part of this group can help you realize you are not alone in your recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous also provides 12 steps or principles to adhere to, which can inspire your journey to sobriety.
You can also consider joining a faith community or religious group. Many recovering addicts find solace in spirituality or religion so joining a spiritual community can certainly offer peace of mind, support, guidance, connection, and strength in reaching your goals.

Treat Yourself

Set up a reward system to help incentivize you to stay sober. When you reach a certain goal (like three months of sobriety), reward yourself with a nice meal, massage, shopping spree, or any other fun activity you are interested in. Staying sober requires consistent motivation, so incorporating reward tactics can help you avoid burnout, stay on track, and achieve success in the long-term.

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