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Common Sex Fantasies and How to Explore Them Safely

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Almost everyone has a unique preference when it comes to sex — and that’s totally their prerogative. Different strokes for different folks, right? If you find yourself thinking about steamy scenarios and visuals and getting really turned on, know that this feeling is totally normal. Many people have fantasies! Moreover, there are ways of exploring those fantasies safely. Here are some tips.


Introduce a third person

Even the most loving relationships can sometimes still leave people fantasizing about introducing another person into the bedroom. This can come in the form of a threesome or perhaps a polyamorous relationship. Whatever it looks like for you, the key thing here is communication with your partner. Consent is vital and everyone involved should be clued into what’s happening.

If you want to dip your toe into the idea of another person in your life, but are nervous about giving it a go, why not start off with a sex doll? California dolls can make your every fantasy come true, including making teen sex doll for those interested in a young girl who wouldn’t be available to you in real life. Teen love dolls are the ultimate way to safely explore sex fantasies in ways that you otherwise couldn’t.

Play with power

Power dynamics are some of the sexiest ways to add some spice into the bedroom. 50% of the American population is interested (or at least mildly curious) in kinky, BDSM sex — so you’re definitely not alone! Whether it’s pretend forced sex, bondage, or taboo sexual relationships (like daddy/step-daughter, teacher/student, etc.), there is a whole range of different areas to explore. Just make sure both parties have agreed to this, take things slow the first time, and always have a safe word ready if things get too intense!

Check out adult videos

A safe way of exploring to start off might be taking a look at some porn videos that are different from your normal fare. There is, of course, a wide range of free porn from sites like Pornhub. The Pornhub team also does a lot of work on content removal and content reports, so you can be reassured that your porn enjoyment is coming from safe sources. Using porn videos to see if a new kink does anything for you is a good idea before before putting yourself in a physical situation.

Upgrade your tools

If you enjoy what you’re doing right now, but want to add some extra pep to your step, then PUA Training might have just the thing for you. 30% of American men feel self-conscious about their penis size and this plays into their sexual desire and confidence in the bedroom. By taking advantage of PUA Training’s tips on penis enlargement, you might find yourself with the confidence to experiment more freely. That position your partner suggested but you didn’t feel ready for? Now you will be! The role play you watched online and loved, but didn’t think you can pull off yourself? Once you’ve got your groove back, you’ll be a whole new person.


As with any sex acts, just remember that you can’t be blamed for the fantasies your mind creates. What’s important is that you explore them in consensual and safe ways that work for everybody involved. Practice open communication, honesty, and clear boundaries with anyone you are introducing to your sexual fantasies, and the fun will be even better for it. We hope these sexual fantasy tips were helpful — happy exploring!


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