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5 Ways to Stay Active With Your Family

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The endless free time that comes along with summer often leads to boredom for kids, and now that COVID-19 has made enrollment in summer camps uncertain it’s up to parents to stave off the doldrums. Check out these ideas to keep your family active and enjoy new ways to enjoy family bonding time.

1. Take a walk after dinner.


After your family gathers for dinner, head out for an after-dinner walk. Taking a half-hour stroll through the neighborhood is a simple and easy way to keep your family fit and active. Mix up your walking route to explore new areas nearby. To make things really exciting, make a game out of evening walks by coming up with scavenger hunts together.

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2. Do chores as a family.


Balancing worklife while raising a family and taking care of the house is a challenge for most families. Assigning your children chores saves you from doing all the work yourself and helps them develop a sense of independence and responsibility for their living space. No matter what age, all kids can do something, whether its helping unload the dishwasher, holding a dustpan or putting their toys away. Give your children age-appropriate chores and choose a day that everyone pitches in to do their chores together as a family. Not only do your children learn responsibility, but the house will be clean in no time so that you can all spend quality time playing together.

3. Play creative games at home.


Play creative games at home as a family that evoke the imagination and teach problem-solving skills. Build forts indoors or outdoors with found objects from around the house. Encourgage your children to channel their inner architects by using blankets, chairs, boxes, and more.

If you have a backyard, utilize the space for fun, active games to keep young children active. Games as simple as run sack races, three-legged races, or jumping contests can be a delight for kids of all ages. Games like corn-hole or horseshoes are equally easy to assemble and result in hours of fun. Invite other neighborhood families to join in and, if your backyard isn’t big enough, you can always move things to a nearby park.

4. Make sure your family is healthy.


Medicare and Medicaid cover most health care needs, but it’s a good idea to look into family health insurance plans for the services that aren’t included. Coinsurance gives you the peace of mind and alleviate unexpected out of pocket costs. When it comes to health insurance products the right coverage options depend on your household size. Most private health insurance plans come with different levels of health coverage such as access to preventive care services, specialists, subsidies, and human services.

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5. Cook as a family.


Get into the habit of cooking as a family. Young children can help out with mealtime preparation, lend a hand when shopping for groceries, and help gather ingredients. Helping in the kitchen keeps young children active while spending time together as a family. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the health benefits that come with eating healty ingredients and pique their interest in cooking.

Get inspired by these ideas to keep your family active and never let boredom get in the way of family fun.


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