5 Reasons Why Students Choose Excelsior College

Excelsior College has long been an excellent opportunity whether you’re looking to obtain an Associate Degree, a Bachelor of Science, or to simply continue on your educational path. The school is often praised for its flexibility, variety of course offerings, and streamlined admissions process. If you’re ready to make some professional moves and get the education you’ve always dreamed of, there are several reasons why Excelsior should be at the top of your list.


Excelsior College makes pursuing further education so much easier than many other institutions. With a streamlined application process for an Associate Degree program, a robust staff of examiners, and the opportunity to take online courses, it’s no wonder why Excelsior is beloved by current and former students alike. While other institutions pride themselves upon being imposing and even intimidating to students, Excelsior College strives to be welcoming and engaging while catering to the unique needs of all of their learners. Do you have limited availability during the week? Take an online course that is more self-directed. Want more rigorous study options? Discuss this with the examiners and instructors of your courses and ask for supplemental materials.

A Stellar Nursing Program

Speak to a former student of the Excelsior College nursing program and you’re likely to hear rave reviews. This is because they help license new practicing nurses and assist them with making critical networking connections. This extends far beyond Excelsior’s home base of Albany, NY. Their courses in the nursing program are robust and assess your clinical performance. Maybe after you acquire an Associate Degree from the program, you’ll want to go on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree to become a licensed RN. Excelsior carries an immense amount of potential for the aspiring RN.


Wide Course Offerings

While Excelsior College is known for its specialized focus on some key areas of study, that doesn’t mean that the courses are cookie-cutter. From online courses learning the fundamentals of nursing to mathematics practicums taught by prolific examiners, there are seemingly endless opportunities to choose between. If you’re struggling to find the right educational path, the college’s advisory staff can help direct your talents and natural strengths to a field of study that would best suit you. Then, you can tailor your class schedule from the wide variety of options in the course catalog. That way, you’re able to pursue a dedicated path of study that also speaks to your unique interests and skills. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds which doesn’t always happen in higher education.

Exams and Licenses

If you are fairly comfortable in your current profession but want to take your experience a step further, the variety of exams, licenses, and certification opportunities Excelsior’s panel of examiners offers is well worth a look. For nurses looking to be part of the National League for Nursing, taking the NCLEX-RN exam could be just the ticket towards greater professional success. You can even get credit for certain licenses and certifications that you already hold. Excelsior College makes it as easy as possible to pursue your academic dreams in a timely and efficient manner.



If you’ve always wanted to pursue higher education but the financial component held you back, don’t worry. Excelsior, unlike many other educational institutions, is a not-for-profit college. Their prices are much more affordable than your typical university so you won’t have to worry about combatting mountains of student debt when you’re ready to enter the job field of your choosing. It’s a great way to get the education you’re craving without compromising.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Excelsior College family, do some digging on their programs, course offerings, exams, and certifications. You’re bound to find an area of study that speaks to you.


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