Your Simple Style Guide to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Has your closet stopped inspiring you? Instead of pulling out cute dresses and unique accessories, do you feel like you have worn every outfit a dozen times? If so, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe.

People change their wardrobes frequently throughout their lives. Some women do it seasonally, while others change what they wear as they go through major career and relationship changes. A fresh look can make you feel strong and confident – like a pearl shining in an oyster’s shell.

If you want to revamp your wardrobe, follow these steps. Soon you will be rocking unique fashion pieces and turning heads wherever you go.

Learn why you like certain items.

Style is uniquely personal to everyone. You can read a dozen fashion magazines explaining what is on-trend, but you need to find pieces that you truly love. You likely already have a few beloved pieces in your closet already.

Pick out a few of your favorite items and think about why you like them. For example, are your favorite necklaces have large pendants that stand out on your collar? Or are they are refined set of pearls that create a classic look? Once you understand why you like certain pieces, you can start to revamp your wardrobe with similar items.

Remove what you no longer need.

You’re not the only one who has a full closet but nothing to wear. Countless people collect different articles of clothing over the years that they never wear or wear too much. The best way to revamp your wardrobe is to create space by throwing your unwanted clothes out.

At least once per year, empty your closet and go over each article of clothing and jewelry. Do you still like each piece? Have you worn it in the past year? If the answer is no, then it is time to donate it. There are some resale shops that allow you to exchange clothing for store credit, so you can invest in your new wardrobe by exchanging your current clothes.

Explore new trends.

Today’s new fashion trends can be intimidating. If you have never worn baggy pants or parted your hair down the middle, you might not feel comfortable trying these styles out. However, pushing your boundaries and exploring new ideas can help you define your sense of style.

Take a look at the top trends for this year and see if any ideas appeal to you. Maybe instead of opting for a choker, you can look for a shorter necklace that creates a similar feel. Instead of jumping right into baggy jeans, consider trying out an oversized jacket with a dramatic collar.

You don’t have to jump on every new fashion trend, but you should keep an open mind for what is out there. Adding a few new pieces outside of your comfort zone can help you learn what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Treat Yourself

While you can revamp your wardrobe on a budget, you might come across a few pieces that you absolutely have to have. These will make you feel amazing and reflect your sense of style perfectly. When you come across these items, remember to treat yourself. Buy those pearl earrings before your job interview or pick up an emerald ring that makes you feel confident. These items will make you happy every time you wear them.

Revamping your wardrobe allows you to reflect on who you are and what you love. It gives you a space to understand what makes you unique. Keep this in mind as you look for new pieces, whether you want a new formal dress or a whimsical necklace to wear out with friends.


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