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The Top 9 Places to Study Abroad

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At some point during your college career, you have likely entertained the idea of studying abroad; but with an endless list of opportunities, how are you supposed to decide where to go? Here, we have gathered a list of the top 9 places to study abroad.

A few things you should consider before fully committing to a study abroad program include making sure you have international travel insurance sorted in case anything happens while you’re away, how best to adapt to suddenly finding yourself in a new community and culture, as well as healthy ways to cope with probable homesickness.

South Africa

Not only does South Africa have a wealth of culture and outdoor adventures waiting for you, but you also have a variety of study abroad programs to choose from, everything from medicine and marine research to becoming a field guide and navigating through the African terrain while documenting the paths and behavior of certain animals.

A Semester at Sea

Spending your semester abroad at sea will save you the painstaking decision-making process of which country you most wish to study in. Spending your semester at sea will afford you the opportunity to visit up to 11 countries while still completing your required coursework.


Studying abroad in France will increase your career aspects if you are working toward a job in politics as France is a major player in global economics. Aside from the political push studying in France can provide you, what better place to embrace history, art, and cuisine.


Similar to the potential career benefits you could gain by studying in France, if you are interested in finance, Japan is the place for you. Containing one of the world’s most economically powerful cities, Tokyo, Japan is cited with having the third-largest economy in the world.

The Czech Republic

Not only will you get to complete your studies while immersed in the historic city. The Czech Republic has a significantly lower cost of living than many other European countries, including their tuition costs. Attending a public university and studying a degree taught in Czech doesn’t require any tuition fee, you will only be responsible for purchasing books and other study materials.


If you are looking to study the Italian language while living in the heart of Italy you have ample opportunity to perfect your Italian by enrolling in volunteer projects, like teaching English, picking up an au pair position, or by simply traveling the Italian coast in your downtime.

Italy is the perfect place for you to continue your religious studies—where you can earn everything from a bachelor’s to your postdoctoral, learning everything from the basics like the church supplies you’ll need for your church, to the most effective ways to study religion.


Much like the language-learning opportunities, you could have while studying in Italy, with many Argentinian programs you have the option to live with a host family, vastly increasing your Spanish speaking abilities every day. Additionally, The University of Belgrano is just a few minutes away from downtown Buenos Aries.


Berlin is the perfect place for you if you are interested in the development of new technology, some even go as far as to call it the “Silicon Valley of Europe”. Aside from the invaluable material you’ll surely learn within the classroom, the city of Berlin is overflowing with history and culture for you to immerse yourself in.


Embrace your inner Anglophile by joining a study abroad program in London, England. If you choose to enroll in a program at the famed King’s College, you will likely have just a few hours of classes per week as this is primarily an independent study program—leaving you with plenty of time to explore.

Before you go search for travel insurance with iSelect, let us help make your study abroad experience as painless as possible.

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