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5 Businesses You Can Start This Year

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Working from home is becoming more and more common, as are side hustles. People want to increase their bank accounts and be in control of how much money they make. While competition continues to get more fierce, there are plenty of ways for people to make more money and follow their passions while doing it. Here are five businesses you can start this year.

Freelance Writing

The best part about starting your own freelance writing business is that you can do it with low startup costs. Realistically, all you need to start a freelance writing business is a computer and internet connection. Not only that, but there are many options to take. For example, you can freelance for a business’ website or large publications—you can write for any type of website that needs content.

Digital Marketing

Starting a digital marketing business can mean several things, making this business idea versatile. Digital marketing has a wide scope, but some examples of business ideas include marketing on social media, email, websites, etc. Once again, a digital marketing business can have low startup costs, but it depends on the type of services you provide and you’ll also need clients. You can create copy for social media posts (and ads) as well as for email blasts. Digital marketing can also include SEO practices that allow websites to rank higher in search rankings.

Once your client base increases, you’ll have to come up with a strategy to communicate with current and prospective customers alike. We encourage digital marketers to head to brightpattern.com to incorporate contact center software which can improve the customer experience while making you and your agents more efficient. Giving your customers options is one of the many ways to win the customer service battle and stand out from the competition.


If you have the skills to become a handyperson, then you’ll likely be able to find a lot of work. However, it’s important to stand out with digital marketing or any form of marketing so customers know you exist and can see your previous work. A handyperson fixes home appliances all the way b repairing anything and everything inside a home. It just depends on how skilled you are and what services you want to offer. The good thing is that people are always going to need things inside their homes fixed, so if you’re good at your job, you should always have customers.


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Franchise Opportunities

While this business can cost more money than the options above, finding franchise opportunities is beneficial because it allows you to start a business that already has a brand and audience built-in, such as a fast-food restaurant. If you’re interested in The UPS Store, we encourage you to search the web for franchise opportunities near me. The UPS Store has more than 35 years of franchising experience and allows owners to become their own boss. The UPS Store has a solid brand attached and provides a service that people will always need.

Landscaping and Snow Removal Services

While you don’t have to provide both services and it does depend on where you live, you can provide landscaping services in the spring, summer, and fall and snow removal services in the winter. Of course, you have to have the correct equipment to operate these types of businesses, which can be costly, but this is still a business that you can start up this year.

All of these businesses can be started the moment you have clients to service. They don’t necessarily require you to create a unique product—they’re more about providing services to people who need them.


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