Signs It’s Time To Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

In today’s modern world, it’s not uncommon for couples to take the next step in their relationship by moving in together instead of getting married. Even without a wedding ring, moving in together is a big step, especially if one of you has suffered a bad breakup in the past. Whether you want your significant other to become your spouse, or you instead want to present her with a pepper diamond and live together for a while, it’s a huge step that you need to be ready for.

Before you start figuring out the best way to ask your partner to move in with you, you need to know the signs that you’re ready to finance that pepper diamond, gray diamond, or another type of engagement ring you know she will love. In this article, you’ll find a few signs to watch for to ensure you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, whether it’s living together or popping the question with the pepper diamond engagement ring of your choice.

You trust each other.


No matter the size of the pepper diamond engagement ring on her finger or the love you share, trust is a big deal. If you don’t trust one another, then your relationship is doomed from the start. If you and your partner are both completely confident that you have one another’s backs, and you have proven it time and time again, then you can feel comfortable going shopping for that unique gray diamond jewelry in a pepper diamond engagement ring you’ve had your eye on for some time now. Handmade custom jewelry, such as a gray diamond engagement ring, is the perfect way to say you love her and take your relationship to the next level.

You’re both financially responsible.


While personal finance and financial responsibility aren’t taught in high schools and college, you need to learn to be financially responsible before becoming an established couple. This means that both of you need to be financially responsible adults, not just one of you.

Most couples who live together pool their finances, so you need to be positive that you can trust your significant other to come up with their share of the money for bills, groceries, and other things you need to live and be productive together. Nothing ruins a relationship faster than money problems. It’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re getting into financially before you take that step and buy that pepper diamond engagement ring.

You’re compatible.


Sadly, having a good time with someone and loving them doesn’t mean that you’re intended to be with one another forever. Many couples who love one another move in together or get married, only to find later that they can’t live together because they aren’t at all compatible. If you share the same beliefs, morals, and outlook on life, you might be compatible, but you need to be sure.

For example, if you’re an extremely social person who wants to hit the clubs on Friday night, while your girlfriend would prefer to order pizza, put on her PJ’s, and then curl up on the couch with a Netflix movie, you might not be compatible enough to live together. While one of you might be willing to change, it’s something that needs to be discussed before you take the next step in your relationship. Love isn’t going to be enough if you fight over what to do every weekend.

These are just a few of the signs that you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship. Whether you live together, become engaged, or end up with a big wedding where you become husband and wife, there’s a lot to take into consideration before you make that level of commitment to anyone.


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