My Loved One Died From Medical Malpractice – How Can I File a Wrongful Death Charge?

Physicians, nurses, and all kinds of medical professionals have crucial roles in society. They must use their skills, training, and knowledge to provide medical treatment in caring, safe ways. The year 2016 saw an estimated 883 million visits to U.S. primary care physician offices. Having a primary doctor or medical professional to visit is vital for health, as they can conduct regular health exams and screenings, and offer preventive treatment and medical advice. Health professionals provide specialized medical treatment depending on what conditions patients have and the care they need.

Automobile incidents leave approximately two million drivers with permanent injuries each year. In such situations and others, people have contact with medical professionals under urgent circumstances. U.S. emergency departments received 145.6 million visits in 2016, with 42.2 million visits related to injuries.

Having a comfortable physician-patient rapport and feeling confident about a physician’s competence is a crucial part of the decision to receive routine medical care. The trust someone has in medical professionals may motivate them to get a flu shot and use other health safeguards. People who trust their doctors are more likely to follow medical advice concerning taking prescribed medicine, exercising, using condoms, adhering to a special diet, and more.

Thirty-four percent of Americans trust medical professionals today, a decline from 73 percent decades ago. Mistrusting doctors can stem from learning about incidents where physicians and medical professionals harmed their patients, among other reasons. Doctors who harm their patients through deliberate acts or due to human error commit medical malpractice.

A study by Johns Hopkins revealed that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, claiming over 250,000 lives each year. Situations classified as medical malpractice include incorrect and delayed diagnoses, problems in the emergency room, surgical errors, and anesthesia, medication, and pharmacy errors. Patients who feel wronged or harmed by a doctor or medical professional’s negligence should put their situation in the hands of medical malpractice attorneys. Lawyers such as those at The Davis Kelin Law Firm can represent them in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the individual who caused the medical error, and the hospital or facility that employs them.

Valid medical malpractice cases must demonstrate duty, dereliction, direct causation, and damage, the four Ds of medical malpractice. Patients must show that a doctor’s negligent actions impaired their physical, emotional, and mental health and that they wouldn’t have sustained injuries or harm under similar circumstances by a competent medical professional. Legal experts at The Davis Kelin Law Firm fight for their clients to receive fair compensation for damages, medical expenses, health and lifestyle changes, and more. Sadly, some situations of medical malpractice can cause death. In such cases, attorneys can help the deceased’s family members file a wrongful death charge. A wrongful death lawsuit, a civil action against an individual who’s liable for a fatality, allows victims’ families to bring doctors and medical professionals to justice and receive compensation for financial losses incurred after someone’s death.

Families dealing with death due to medical errors will have the overwhelming duty of planning a funeral service or viewing to honor their loved ones’ lives. If cremation is the preferred funeral service option, families should contact a reputable cremation provider, such as Heritage Cremation Provider to perform cremation services at reasonable cremation costs. The professionals at this compassionate family-owned provider understand the hardships death causes and offer support to families before, during, and after cremation services. Cremation services conducted by this Heritage Cremation Provider demonstrate honor and respect for the deceased’s life and memory.

Bereaved families should consult professionals for support during such a hard time. People should consider getting help coping with loss from a therapist. Allowing attorneys to handle the legal aspects of medical malpractice, and entrusting caring cremation providers with services that honor the deceased lets families focus on mourning their loved ones and healing after tragic medical malpractice situations.

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