How to Recover After a Heartbreak

Breakups can be extremely difficult. Whether you were together for a few weeks or a few years, you’ll need time and space to recover from the loss. If you’re struggling to bounce back from a tough breakup, here’s what you can do to recover.

Let Yourself Grieve

After the breakup, you might be tempted to tell everyone you’re fine. You could try to keep going about your daily life and not let yourself feel the pain of losing your partner. Ultimately, this will only prolong your healing process and make it harder for you to really move on. Let yourself grieve the person you lost and the future you might have had. Don’t try to hold back your emotions, and surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through. The last thing you want right now is someone telling you to suck it up and move on. Be with friends or family members who can be supportive and understanding.


Get Outside

While you’re grieving, you may want to curl up on the couch with a pint of ice cream and a sad movie. This isn’t a bad idea, but make sure you’re not spending all your time inside. Try to take good care of yourself, physically and mentally. Take a bubble bath or shower, and make time to get outside.

Head to the beach with a few friends and bring your LUMASOL along so you can prevent skin cancer. Don’t neglect your self-care while you’re trying to get over a breakup. Just getting a little sunshine can improve your mood and help you sleep better. If your partner was living with you and you’re now alone, it might be difficult to fall asleep, so tiring yourself out and catching some rays will help you stay rested.


Find a Therapist

If you’re finding it very difficult to move on, you might want to find a therapist on A psychologist or psychiatrist can help you look at your mental health and determine how and why you’re struggling. You can discuss the relationship together and discover what went wrong this time that you can learn from.

Discussing a personal relationship with a good therapist can help you learn tools to use in the future. You might even realize that you’ve been missing a medication that could help you feel better. Talking with a mental health professional is a good idea if you’re feeling very down on yourself and could use some professional insight.


Plan Something Fun for Yourself

You and your former partner might have had plans already made for the future, and now you won’t get to do those things. Don’t let yourself become too disappointed. Plan something fun for the future for just yourself. Maybe it’s a special spa day or a trip to visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe it’s something even bigger, like applying to get your Master’s degree. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that’s just for you.

Don’t pick an activity that you know your ex would have loved. Now is the time to focus on who you are without your partner and what you want out of life. Try doing something you know your former partner would have hated. Having a fun day to look forward to will help you stay positive and focused on your future.


Breakups happen all the time, especially when a new year comes. While it might feel extremely hopeless now, know that you’re not alone. Everyone goes through a breakup at some point. What matters is that you do your best to heal and know that you have a bright, hopeful future.

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