Does Drinking Water Increase Seminal Fluid?

The relationship between water and semen volume has long been studied by scientists around the world. While it’s uncertain whether or not fluid intake can impact your sperm count in any notable way, it is true that water can directly affect your ejaculate volume and texture.

If you’re concerned about your semen volume or the viscosity of your ejaculate, there are are a few things you should do to make improvements. From greater fluid intake to male enhancement supplements with natural ingredients, here’s what you need to know.

Avoid dehydration

Semen is primarily composed of water. As such, your semen texture can change based on your hydration levels. Also, certain habits can impact your semen volume (how much semen you produce). These include alcohol use, marijuana use, your level of physical activity, and your overall diet. All of these can impact your testosterone levels. Substance use, in particular, has a major impact when it comes to low testosterone, sperm motility, and sperm count when you ejaculate.

While you may think you’re on a healthy diet, it may not be quite enough. After all, any healthy diet should specifically include daily hydration goals. For a baseline, drink multiple eight-ounce glasses of water each day. This is because water intake impacts your pH level which, in turn, has a direct impact on your semen. When you’re experiencing signs of dehydration, your semen will thicken and become much more viscous. While the ejaculate will have a higher concentration of sperm, it’s not healthy or pleasant to be dehydrated during orgasm.

Talk to your doctor

If you’re concerned about your semen volume and you already maintain a healthier diet, you may want to talk to a physician. It’s possible that you have problems with your seminal vesicle or are suffering from sexual dysfunction. You might even have lower testosterone hormone levels which can cause erectile dysfunction and irregular seminal fluid. Your doctor may have natural ideas on how to increase sperm volume.

Sometimes, this includes adjustments to your overall exercise regimen. Other times, you’ll be placed on a diet that focuses on natural ingredients and whole foods. If you’ve discussed all of this with your doctor and aren’t seeing improvements in sexual pleasure or the amount of semen you produce for a long time, you may want to ask about a male enhancement supplement.

Try out supplements

There are a reason supplements have remained so popular for such a long time. As the years have gone on, male enhancement supplements have improved their ingredients and their ability to positively impact low testosterone and the male orgasm. They can even improve sperm motility. Most quality supplements include a combination of some of the following ingredients:

  • Horny goat weed
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic acid
  • Amino acids

These ingredients have the ability to increase semen volume and aid low testosterone. Plus, if you find an all-natural product, that’s even better. It’s important that you don’t expect supplements to work immediately, however.

current study by the World Health Organization has looked into the impact of supplements and noted that they can take some time to positively impact the body. If you get the go-ahead from your physician, though, supplements can be a great tool to improve sperm motility, semen volume, and overall sperm count.

Be patient

For some men, raising semen volume isn’t as simple as popping a pill or drinking more water. There may be underlying causes that take time to resolve. While every man wants to feel like their favorite porn stars, it’s important to remain patient. While you can improve your semen volume and increase seminal fluid over time, it’s important not to rush and to always talk with your doctor.

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