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Smart Home Renovations You Should Consider

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Home improvement is a never-ending project for most homeowners. This isn’t a slight, but a fact of life; the task of creating the home that most perfectly suits your tailored needs is a constant negotiation. Even so, this can provide fantastic opportunities to continue increasing the value of your property and introducing quality of life upgrades for your family that makes your time in the home all the more special and comfortable for your many years at the property.

Many homeowners begin with the most common home repairs and work their way up into the larger and more intensive projects that create unique homes and maximal comfort. Learning to upcycle old appliances, for instance, is a great way to introduce unique statement pieces and interesting conversation starters into your home. Old appliances still provide important functionality, but many homeowners simply throw away older models once they buy a new unit to replace the aging one. Here are some tips for what renovations are most worth considering and how to get through them.

Tackle the larger projects quickly.

Larger renovations are those that are essential to the home’s continued functionality. These include, but are not limited to, roofing, window, and AC repairs. Depending on where you live, you can expect a roof or windows to last for 15 to 20 years. Your exterior conditions play a large role in the continued health of these crucial fixtures in your home. Windows, in particular, are essential to maintain a high standard and replace as soon as they begin to show signs of significant deterioration.

Replacing your windows with Florida hurricane window glass in the Sunshine State, for instance, is an all-important job in the life of a Florida homeowner. Florida sees a unique weather occurrence in the form of hurricane season during the final summer months and as far as November. Hurricane season is no joke, and neither should your windows be one. Hurricanes can hurl debris of all sizes as fast as 150 miles per hour, causing significant damage to homes, cars, and infrastructure on a yearly basis. The truly scary power of this weather system is its ability to fling utility poles, large tree branches, and even smaller cars or boats.

The creations of humanity are simply no match for the destructive power of these storms. Fortunately, Americans along the east coast are resilient and build back every year after the season has subsided. Technological advancements have created hurricane resistant glass that can withstand even the most punishing gusts of wind, and it’s a must-have for Florida and other southeastern state residents looking to provide the appropriate level of protection for their families. Adding these high-quality windows to your home can be done quickly and creates peace of mind for those living within the path of frequent storms that can’t be matched by other window products. For the greatest sense of security, you must get hurricane windows to protect your home, family, and belongings.

Consider luxurious upgrades as well.

A professional realtor, like John Foresi, Venterra CEO will tell you that luxury upgrades are often a great idea for those looking to make the most of the style and comfort level in their home. Luxury upgrades that make the largest mark are often found in the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

Also, upgrades that fit this bill are typically used to increase the value of the home too. By engaging in strategic upgrades, you can continually improve upon the resale value of your property and grow your home’s capital valuation both organically through the natural inflation that occurs year over year and through quality of life upgrades that create additional financial value. For instance, keeping up with your home’s paint is a great way to boost final sale pricing by as much as a few thousand dollars. Painting every three to five years and keeping your home stylistically aligned with trending interests on the open market is the best way to always have your home ready for listing. In the event of a moving opportunity that allows you to cash in on your increased home price point, you’ll be ready to pounce rather than moving off the back foot.

The kitchen is a fantastic place to focus your energy when considering lifestyle upgrades. Adding bucket sinks, an island in the middle of our kitchen space, or granite countertops that will last nearly forever are all great ways to improve the luxuriousness of your home. These upgrades all make for a space that you’ll love to take full advantage of. The kitchen acts as the beating heart of any home, so focusing your attention on upgrades that improve its functionality and increase your creativity in the space are excellent ways to improve the overall energy throughout your home as well.

Move outside for true relaxation.

Adding patio space in your backyard is another upgrade that many homeowners love to pull the trigger on. A back porch that extends from large doors in the back of your living room creates an enlarging effect that makes the whole home feel brighter and more open. This also provides you with an unrivaled space to relax and take advantage of the crisp southern air during any season. Studies have shown that even just 20 minutes spent in green space outdoors can improve your mood, reduce stress, and even help promote lung and heart health. In the current state of uncertainty, the ability to get that fresh air in your own back yard is simply crucial to helping you get through this hard time.

Considering upgrades to your home takes strategy and follow through. Make sure you plan renovations that will increase your happiness in the home and add value to the property’s bottom line at the same time. Building long term happiness and wealth go hand in hand, and property upgrades that accomplish both are often one of the most rewarding aspects of homeownership. Take advantage of the winter months this year in order to create a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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