How to Commemorate Baby’s First Holiday

A baby’s first 12 months are full of important milestones, from their first giggle to their first tooth and more. Now it’s your baby’s first Christmas, and you want to ensure that it’s one that you’ll remember even though your little one won’t remember it at all.

While you may be considering having a full-blown Christmas party and are planning to hire a pro to be Santa Claus, something more low-key will probably be better to celebrate the first holiday of your sweet baby’s life. Whether it’s a photo book from Shutterfly or canvas prints of your little one in a Santa hat, you’ll cherish whatever you do to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas forever. In this article, you’ll find a few ideas to help you do just that.

Hang baby’s first stocking.


There’s nothing like the feeling of hanging your baby’s first stocking over the mantle. Don’t just go with any old stocking, however. Make sure that you have it personalized with the baby’s name, picture, and even their birthdate if you choose. You don’t have to put much in the stocking. Just the decoration itself will be heartwarming hanging next to yours. Santa Claus can leave a few things in the stocking like teething rings and the such, but it’s the fun that counts.

Start a photo book.


You can create a photo book with some of the layout templates available on Shutterfly by choosing pictures of the baby from the time he was born and then adding to it every Christmas hereafter. A photo book is like a photo album, but higher quality and likely to last for longer. Photo books can come with a few embellishments like stickers and pictures from Amazon prints, Google photos, or any other photo storage service. A custom photo book can be the perfect way to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas. Make sure that you add a few family photos to one of the best photo books Shutterfly has to offer and you’ll remember baby’s first Christmas for years to come. Don’t worry, even if you’re a beginner at the whole photo book thing, you can do it with ease. You can even take it a step further and have keychains, mugs, and a hardcover book made with your baby’s birth details and a photo taken by a professional photographer as well. Seeing your baby’s smiling face plastered on these things will give you all the feels this holiday season.

Ask for some suggestions.


If you’re a member of Truly Mama, and if you aren’t you should be, then you can go on the forums and ask for some suggestions on the best way to commemorate your little one’s first Christmas. From suggestions about your pregnancy to special events like your baby’s first pictures as a newborn, you can get tons of advice from this social media site. From finding out what the best photo book service is to have your photo book made to where to hire Santa for your party, you can get tons of tips on Truly Mama to help you enjoy your baby’s first Christmas in style.

Meet Santa for the first time.


While your little one won’t remember it, one of the best memories you can make for their first Christmas is taking a trip to Bass Pro Shop for their first visit with Santa Claus. Even if your baby won’t remember or even know who Santa Claus is, these memories are some you will cherish forever. Make sure that you get a few photos so that you can send your favorite photos in to add to your photobook as well.

Your baby’s first Christmas only happens once in a lifetime, so you want to do everything you can to commemorate it and make it as special as possible. These are just a few ways to do that and make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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