Tips To Optimize Your Site With SEO

Having your site on the front page of Google search result must be amazing. No matter how small your websites are compared to the giant news companies’ (which you see always top ranked), you can actually secure your position on the top result. The art of SEO can help you with that. There are factors to bear in mind, though. Make sure you pay attention to these tips to grab your site top of the chart.

Relevant Keyword

KeywordRight KeyUse relevant keyword for your site. Relevant keywords should give the visitors an idea about the content of a post or a site. A misleading keyword may keep your visitors away from going back to your site because they feel ‘betrayed.’

You can select one of the many that the search engine suggests or use Google Suggest, Google AdWords, or something similar. You can also choose it manually from the tags you collect from another site, Google suggestion result or any other way. Whichever method you want, it is worth to do a research first and make sure the keyword resembles the content.

Content Quality

MultimediaGoogle is paying attention to user’s experience. To get the credits for it, make sure you write a good content that is relevant to your keyword. If your site is about cooking, make sure you do not post a “How to fix your phone” article in it. Not only that, but you may also need to develop smooth navigation. You can do this by providing a sitemap to putting filters or tags for the easier navigation.

In addition, you need to update and add new content to the site to keep it alive. Make sure the material is more than 250 words. All of these play an important role in pumping up your visitor rate.

Build Backlinks

BacklingBacklinking is also one of the methods to optimize your site. When other sites put a link to your site on their post, it is called backlink. The amount of backlink that your site has also determined the rank of your site.

Visit forums and directories that are relevant to your site and share one of your site’s content there. Ask if any of the members would love to link to content on their website.

Bear in mind, though. You should not put use too many backlinks, moreover using fake, misleading ones because if the search engine finds out, it will likely to backfire. Not only your rank will be reduced, but it can also be taken down.…