SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a new word for bloggers or content writers. It’s even a necessary skill for the pro ones. Yet for general people who do not deal a lot with those two kinds of stuff, it is something alien. Even they may misinterpret the word as something else.

But what exactly is SEO? How does it work? Why is it so important? Grab your popcorn and read along, because we will tell you all the answers to those questions.

What it actually is

SEO05SEO02When you open your new window on the internet, mostly the new tab will show one of the big search engines available there in the internet universe. It can be Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or any other. These search engines list and rank contents, articles, pictures, and videos on their machines and will show the most relevant results of the keyword that you enter.

SEO is the art of making a content searchable in those search engine, making sure that if there is someone out there searching a particular keyword, the search engine will direct his/her search to your content.

How it works

SEO03SearchEngineWith SEO, you try to make your domain sits on the first page of the search engines to get more web traffic. The first page is where anybody would likely to click on your domain. You can climb to the first pages by doing a lot of ways. But the easiest one is by using a popular, searchable keyword. You can do a little research about the keyword first to have a picture of what keyword you may use.

Google Suggest, AdWords, or Keyword Planner can be your big helps for getting the right keywords. Once your content reaches the front pages of the search engines, a lot more people will click on your domain, and your web traffic will increase.

Why SEO is important

For content writers and bloggers, web traffic equals profit. The more people visit your web or blog, the more traffic you will get. This impact is because good traffic brings advertisements, which will drag cash to you. There is also the pay-per-click advertisements that can get you money each time a visitor clicks the ad on your site.

Do you notice that pop-up ad? It lures you to click to find out more about the ad’s content. And when you click that ad, a fraction of a dollar goes through the web domain owner.

We may talk about $0.01, but can you imagine if there are a thousand clicks? Without any doubts, $10 goes straight to your bank account. And that is for one content. Now, what will happen if you have ten contents in your domain? That’s money worth writing for, isn’t it? Kaching!