The Threats Keywords Stuffing Put on Your Site

Have you surfed the Internet to check on that new shoes’ price and accidentally click on that site with a full paragraph of your keyword repeated again and again? Or maybe you used to stumble upon a site that continually uses the same words or phrases in its post, which makes the positioning seems not normal? Those are the examples of Keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing means putting too many keywords on a site to attract visitors and pump up the site’s traffic in an easy way. It can also lift your site’s rank in the search engine results. If it is easy to use, then why is it dangerous for your site?

It Eliminates Visitor’s Trust

SEO04Without people really knowing, Google pays a lot of attention to user experience. It can measure how long you stay on a site, whether you find what you are looking for on the site, and many other things. A problem arises when a visitor types a keyword on Google, find a site and see the keywords copied and pasted many times many times.

The visitor will record your site address in his/her mind and blacklist it forever. So the next time he/she sees your site on the search result page, he/she better jump over it and choose another one. One visitor is gone forever.

It Over Optimizes your site

OverRepeating the keyword in every sentence not only harm your visitors’ experience. It also makes your site prone to get black-listed an over-optimized site. Optimizing a site is okay but over optimizing is a big no.

The current algorithm that Google has can track down your site and analyze whether it uses a shortcut to get top ranked on the search engine. If it finds something wrong with your site, it will automatically reduce its rank.

It Can Even Get Your Site Deleted Permanently

BrowsingOnce Google finds out about your trick, it will likely to inform you about the issue. You will get a notice, and you have to fix your site. If you do get the notice, you should improve your site this time than later.

However, some people might think of another black hat way. You can have that clever trick to have your keywords disguised and cheat the search engine algorithm, but they will eventually find it out and deleted your site from the search engine permanently. If that happens, the struggle to resurrect your site will be even more difficult.…